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Adrian Peterson Indicted on Child Abuse Charges

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. 11/5/2013Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. 11/5/2013By: MN National Guard
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  • Does it make any sense to you that the average salary for NBA and MLB players is ~2 to 3 times more than an average NFL player? Add to that the NFL generates considerably more revenue than either of these two sports (almost combined by below sources), and it makes it even more shocking.
  • The NFL franchise tag was set into place by the league to allow for teams to hold on to one of their top talents. Usually a top-flight player gets saddled with a franchise tag if the team needs some more time to negotiate a long term contract with the player, or to buy some time so that the team's salary cap issues get better settled from prior year commitments still on the books.
  • So there's been an NFL scouting combine for decades now. But that's just been for the young players; the newbs without any professional experience. There's never been one for the vets that have actual NFL experience, but have been out of the game for a year, two or more. But now, as of the 2015 off season, there will be.

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