Forum Rule : Be Respectful Towards Other Members

Be Respectful Towards Other Members

No rude or vulgar attacks against specific members or a group of members in the community. No attacks of a personal nature outside the scope of the forums (such as age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc...).

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No Personal Attacks Against Other Members
No Sexist Comments Against Other Members
No Stalking or Harassing Other Members in the Forums
Three things must occur for someone to be guilty of stalking or harassing someone in our forums. First, there must be a pattern of repeated instances of someone replying to many of your posts. Second, the offending posts must be of "further from community standards" than the ones you have made. Finally, you must not be guilty of harassing someone back & making things a lot worse. What we mean by the second requirement is that if someone posts some extreme stuff or is engaged in some charged rhetoric that is close to breaking some of our forum rules and another person consistently replies to all the posts but in a polite manner, we would not consider it harassment. But if your posts are generally positive or neutral and someone consistently replies to them in a negative tone we would consider that harassment or stalking.