Tour de France - Online Streaming Options and Full TV Schedule

Fri Jun 30, 2017 17:27:31PM | Categories: Tour de France TV & Online
2015 Tour de France, Stage 2.By: Wouter_Engler

The Tour de France is an enormous event to cover. A massive competition that includes 20+ days of cycling, thousands of miles biked, all played out on 21 different stages. So to navigate that craziness, provided below is a complete TV schedule, as well as all the options for watching online or on your mobile device.

Complete Tour de France TV Schedule (Spoiler Free)

This comprehensive TV schedule includes -- all dates and times for every stage 1-21 (sort-able by your US time zone), as well as all the live TV channels each stage will air on. Best part of this schedule.. it's spoiler free. So no worries of accidentally ruining any event before you even get a chance to watch!

If you are looking for streaming and online options...

The entire Tour de France will air live on either NBCSN or NBC, depending upon the stage and event. NBCSN will also be airing a nightly highlight show called 'Tour Primetime Show' to recap the day's events.

If you want to watch the Tour de France online or on the go, NBC has 2 solid options for you (although neither are free).

Option 1: Web Access Only. You can get access to the entire event for $29.99, or a single day's stage for only $4.99.

Option 2: Mobile Access. This will run you $19.99, and is compatible with iPad, iPhone or most android devices.

The nice thing about NBC's streaming options are you get HD video that let's you pause, rewind, or even view in slow motion. Also, Live GPS tracking of individual riders on a nifty interactive map. On top of that, you get team or individual standings based upon your own liking. So if you are into the Tour de France and want mobile access, it is worth the $5-$30 for all that you get.

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