March Madness Bracket: Tips to Help You Win Your Tournament

Sat Mar 12, 2016 23:15:15PM | Categories: College Basketball & NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket
NCAA Championship Trophy Held High.By: Adam Glanzman,

There is no doubt that March Madness lives up to it's name. With sixty four teams having the opportunity to claw their way to the top, it leads to an interesting month. This year has some awesome matchups, some sure blowouts, and some that I believe to have the championship in their grasps.

Here are some bracket tips to help you along on your trip to success this year. I will say as a disclaimer, anything can happen. That's one of the many reasons that "madness" is in the name of this huge tournament. Even though you feel like you should, keep your feelings of your favorite team aside. Bringing emotions into a bracket is never a good idea. Keep it cold and calculated.

In my humble opinion, these tips are in order of most important.

Number 1:

Coaches with Final Four experience makes all the difference in the world. A coach that doesn't know how to handle the stress can ruin a game for the players. Such as players without crunch time experience can ruin a game.

Number 2:

No. 1 seeds are top ranked for a good reason. They perform. It has been greatly proven with a No. 1 seed wining seven of the past nine championships, and 12 of the past 17. Do not make the mistake of overlooking them as a lucky contender.

Number 3:

Players/Teams with talent! This may seem like an obvious factor, but I feel like I need to stress this. Teams that have proven themselves to have talent (during crunch time especially!) will most likely perform under the pressure of the tournament. Factor the tired and true teams into your bracket. Once again, do not over exaggerate your favorite team's talent when deciding. Cold and calculated.

Number 4:

Differentiate your bracket. Sure, going with the majority on some, or even most decisions will most likely get you far. But in order to win big you must sometimes make decisions that split you from the crowd. And it is always nice to be that one person who, "knew that was going to happen".

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