The U.S Open Golf Tournament - Complete TV and Streaming Guide

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Dustin Johnson practicing putting during a practice round before the 2008 US Open.By: Jeffrey Gordon

The U.S Open is here, and it will be on bar room TV before we know it. Here, you will find everything you need to know, in order to catch every second of the tournament. This includes TV schedules and networks broadcasting it, but it also includes streaming options for the busy remote-folk out there, as well as Youtube channels for highlight videos.

TV Viewing Options

Golf Channel

FS1 (Fox Sports)


Since FOX has the rights to broadcast the U.S Open Tournament, the options are somewhat limited, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, just look at it as a concentrated set of viewing options, especially since we are in the day of having too many options. Accessing some these options depend on your cable subscription. If you already have one for the Golf Channel, then you are pretty much set. By clicking on the link, you will find the complete schedule for the U.S Open. Not only will you have access to the schedule, but you will find a full tournament breakdown of statistics, schedule, air times, and players, here. This way you can keep track of the leader board, as well as stay up to date on individual player tee times.

FS1 is another cable-based option. There, you will find the live broadcast for the the tournament, as well as news coverage, and commentary. FS1 is typically included in most cable packages.

For those of you without a cable subscription, do not despair. FOX, will also be providing live coverage of the tournament on standard TV. The TV schedule can be found here.

Another source for tournament info can be found at the U.S Open page. There you'll find Tee Times, Player Info, as well as a complete map of the course.

Online Streaming Options

Fox Sports Go

Golf Channel


When it comes down to streaming, either because there isn't a TV available, or you're on-the-go, there are plenty of ways to catch the tournament.

You can stream the tournament live on Or for those with mobile devices, you can download the app for Fox Sports Go , which is also viable choice. Using your cable provider login, you can watch the U.S Open on your computer or mobile device.

The Golf Channel is another way to stream the tournament online. It is accessed through your cable provider information, as well.

If neither of the above options are available, SlingTV, is a subscription-based streaming service. It too will be streaming the U.S Open. By choosing their 7 day trial, you'll definitely have enough time to watch the whole tournament.

Online Highlights

Youtube would be a good source for catching up on highlights you may have missed. Also, you'll have access to behind the scenes stuff you wouldn't normally see broadcast. USGA's channel is a good start, as well as that of Golfing World and Fox Sports.

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