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Duke University & University of Virginina basketball players scramble for the ball 1/12/12Duke University & University of Virginina basketball players scramble for the ball 1/12/12By: D. Myles Cullen
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  • Navigating the TV and online viewing schedule for college basketball is no easy task, turns out.Decided to write this entry to make it super easy to track how and where to watch all nationally/regionally televised games because of that fact. And, with research, turns out the most viable way to present this data is to show which television networks air which conference games.
  • Things to consider when attending a college basketball game are all included here, like average ticket costs, how to get the best seats, and/or the best value, parking, concession stand options, and finally the total cost for a family of four to attend a college basketball game, all things considered.Let's get started with what to expect with the price of entry per person.
  • There is no doubt that March Madness lives up to it's name. With sixty four teams having the opportunity to claw their way to the top, it leads to an interesting month. This year has some awesome matchups, some sure blowouts, and some that I believe to have the championship in their grasps.Here are some bracket tips to help you along on your trip to success this year.

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