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Golf CoursesHarbour Town Golf, Hilton Head water hazardBy: Dan Perry
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  • The first week of April means Masters in the golf world. Included is all the information you need to watch the Masters golf tournament on TV or online, for any given year. This entry is broken down into two sections, to make it easy to navigate.
  • 'Sometimes par is good enough to win.' Cheech Marin's Romeo from 'Tin Cup' had it right.Or did he?Fitting that film centers around Costner's Roy McAvoy finding redemption at the US Open. A smart move by the screenwriter. Par can certainly be good enough to win at a 70-par course, the lowest and most notoriously difficult of all majors.
  • Now you can search for all PGA Golf Tournaments, see what TV channel they will be on, and view the online streaming options all in one easy to navigate source.PGA Tour Golf Schedule TV & StreamingMajor Golf TournamentsMastersTelevision: Thursday & Friday - ESPN/Saturday & Sunday - CBSOnline Streaming: Thursday-Sunday: CBSSports.comOfficial Website: Masters.
  • At one point golf was gaining popularity extremely fast. It's safe to say now that the dust has settled, and it's looking very bleak for the sport. Over the past few years the sport has teetered on a tightrope as to if it will take a dive or not. There's no denying the it has become way too expensive to keep as a daily practice. All you need for most other sports is two legs and ball.

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