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  • This is the second time these two hard headed fighters will meet. And there's no denying that "hard headed" is the way to put it. Both have a history of loud-mouth antics, trash talking, and most of off, actually backing it up.The last time these two met was really just by chance. McGregor was set to fight another when they backed out from injury.
  • Reports are saying that the two fighters are on the verge of a signed contract for a billion dollar fight. That's crazy. Two totally different fighting styles. Pretty much two totally different sports. But surprisingly, the two guys has a similar character style. Outspoken, cocky, flaunting, etc.
  • Need info on how to watch any given UFC Fight? Look no further. All that info is neatly packaged for you below. Whether you are interested in how to purchase the latest Pay-Per-View UFC fight, how to figure out which bar and where is showing the fight nearest you, or simply the TV and online schedule and calender for any UFC fight (past or future)...
  • The UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently tested positive for cocaine. After the test had conclusive results the fighter spent only one day in rehab to, "cure" himself. I do not understand how this is possible. And I'm not speaking on just the usage of the drugs. I am confused as to how the league would keep his last few fights as wins without question.

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