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What does Danica Patrick's retirement spell for future female racers?

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    I can't say that I didn't see something like this coming, given the drama she has received since day one of her career in NASCAR. I wonder, do you think it's because NASCAR is still an old-boys network? Or is it my imagination? She's a good driver, but I guess she didn't put the points up on the board as they expected or wanted her to. According to the article I read, she will do one last stint in Indy Racing after hanging up the helmet with NASCAR. Like the title says, I wonder what this means for future generations of female drivers. Thoughts?
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    I watched her on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about it. She said a big reason for retiring was her sponsor (Go Daddy) dropping her. Here's part of the interview of her discussing it:

    Full interview is definitely worth watching too. Had a whole new level of respect for her after watching (astrology stuff aside), mostly because I didn't know too much about her before that.

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    Yeah, I wonder why another sponsor wasn't trying to scoop her up afterward. At least she's going out with a bang, two 500s worth, I might add.