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2018 NFL Draft Contest - Pre Draft Top 5 Boom vs Bust Predictions

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    OK. It is a week before the 2018 draft when this is posted right now.

    Before this draft, everyone who wants to participate list up to 5 booms and 5 busts. The players you think will do well or not. Next year, we'll revisit and rate everyone's picks and give grades on who best predicted. I think it'll be fun. Who picked the best players? You are only allowed to pick one per position for boom and one per position for bust.

    Let's see how smart everyone is!
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    Feel free to share and ideas you have on the draft. Maybe you think WRs are overrated or it's a great QB class or what not. I also posted a "draft grades" thread for predictions about players, teams & trades after the draft.

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    Very interesting. Of course my picks here will be dependent on them landing on teams that set them up for success. But here are my top 5 boom picks per position:

    RB - Saquon Barkley. This is my #1 BOOM pick. Best all around talent of all the running backs in this draft. He can be a top 10 rb instantly, especially if he goes to the Browns.

    QB - Josh Rosen. Tough call between the top 6 qbs going, but great accuracy and a high football IQ I think will give him a really good chance at being a great franchise player, especially if he lands in Denver.

    WR - Calvin Ridley. Love the hype and skills behind this guy. Not sure where he will go. But he can be a true #1 basically anywhere. Might take a few years before he is elite though.

    S - Minkah Fitzpatrick. I think this is a really underrated position to get right in the draft. If you grab an elite safety early on in the draft, your team's defense can instantly become dominant in the league. He is the best from what I can tell.

    G - Quenton Nelson. Probably the most NFL ready player for his position. Good chance at multiple Pro Bowls for him.

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    For bust picks, I just have the one right now...

    QB - Baker Mayfield. I just have a feeling he goes to the Jets, and I think he will struggle in a division with the Patriots for quite a while before he sees any real success, if any at all.