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Will MLB's season really start in April?

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    After a really good World Series, I'm sure fans are wanting more after a stunted regular season. So far, players are going to start reporting to spring training in two months, play their first exhibition games a couple weeks later, and then the regular season will open on April 1st. But numbers of infection have risen in the past couple of weeks and stay at home orders are back. Then again a vaccine may be around the corner.

    It's still too early to tell, but I think it's solely dependent on whether or not the vaccines are successful, and how quickly things start to return to normal after they're distributed. I just don't feel like this will all happen before April hits. Are you just as pessimistic about this as I am?

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    Nah. If all the other sports are fumbling through this now, during the winter and pre any kind of meds, I feel pretty confident baseball will start just fine. They may still have to deal with random cancellations and won't be totally out of the woods. But remember they played a shortened season already and figured it out when the stakes were higher and the path was far less clear.
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    I think MLB will continue on in the same way they went through the end of last season. All the other sports are continuing on, albeit in different ways, but are still carrying on. I don't see the MLB being the outcast here when it comes to figuring out ways to continue the season.