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Strongest College Football Conference: SEC or PAC 12?

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    The AP Top 25 Poll that was released January 13th, 2015 told the story of where the 25 college teams where ranked immediately after the season, as sort of a measuring stick of sorts to where they could likely be going into next season as well.

    No surprise, the SEC and the PAC 12 were the most represented of the top 5 conferences.

    And now that we are ramping up for 2015 season, preseason polling predictions are coming out on the daily. We are about a week away from AP's next official polling rank. But I think that site's like SI are pretty right on with their preseason guestimate polling.

    Their ranking is pretty close to the aggregate of what a lot of sites I have seen have to say: the SEC and PAC 12 will have the most representation in the AP Top 25. And it's hard to overstate how meaningful that poll ranking is. It's not supposed to be the end all, be all. But, let's face it. It basically is. If you make it on the list (especially in the top 10) your wins mean more in the regular season. Teams that play 'top 10' teams and win or lose are judged on a bit of a weighted platform.

    So all this to ask --- which do you believe will be the strongest conference this year in college football?

    I give the options of SEC or PAC 12 as they are the most dominate in polling, and I think they are (all variables considered) definitely the 2 strongest. Of course feel free to convince me that it's really the Big XII or ACC or whatever. Best come prepared with stats to back up your claim though. (not looking for best individual teams, but instead best overall conferences)

    For my money, it'll be the SEC. I really want to think that Baylor alone can rise the PAC 12 above the might of the SEC, with Ole Miss and a cluster of 15-25 ranks pulling up the rear. But I just can't see any conference ever really looking forward to the matchup likes of Alabama, Oregon, Clemson and Arizona.

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    SEC will probably have the most 25 rankings, I'll give ya that. But does that make them the best conference? I have my doubts.

    If you are really wanting to figure out which conf has the best chance to vie for the national title, then it's really a debate on who will be most likely in the top 4, right?

    TCU, Baylor, Alabama, Ohio State and/or maybe... Auburn. Michigan State. maybe even Notre Dame?

    Not to mention Boise, Oregon, and Ole Miss...

    If those are the contenders, then it's really a showdown between the SEC and the Big Ten. And the Big Ten did produce the title team in '14. So, there's that.

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    Six teams in the first Top 25 rankings. I'd say the Pac-12 is a pretty strong conference, but I don't know if they are as good as the SEC, who has 8 teams in the pre-season Top 25.

    Oregon is looking strong this year, but I don't know if they have what it takes to win it all this year. I think they have a decent shot, but it'll be far more difficult without Mariota this year.

    USC is also looking really strong this year. If Oregon stumbles then I can definitely see them filling the void.

    It should be a fun conference to watch this year. It's arguably the best football conference in the nation and I'm sure most of us Pac-12 fans won't be disappointed.