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Watching the Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony

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    Ok, I'm a Netlfixer. I don't have standard cable like most folks do. Instead of going to the bar and having to fight over the remote, is there any way I can stream it? It would be cool if I could stream it through my PS4, but that isn't a requirement. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Gizmodo actually does a really good breakdown of how to pull this off.

    Really boils down to exploiting 3 options. First up, to watch all the events airing on NBC, digital rabbit ears/digital antenna. Assuming you live anywhere close to local tv channels, you'll be able to get NBC on your TV for free, with an antenna tuner.

    That is only going to help for the Primetime events though. If you want to get all the NBCSN, USA Network, etc channels for all the other events, use either/or Sling TV or Playstation Vue. Both give you free trials.

    The Vue one gives you a full week of free cable tv, streamed over your PS3/PS4. Pretty cool. Just make sure to cancel it in the settings , or you will be charged the $39 bucks or whatever it is after the week is up.

    Same goes for Sling TV. This one is probably the best because you can stream it on most any device that is 'smart', mobile, laptop, pc, smart tv, etc. $19 bucks after trial, and no contract, so even if you forget to cancel for a few weeks, it's not a bad way to go at all to bypass getting cable.

    Hope all that helps. Good luck!

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    So WTF!?! Another question here. It looks like NBC is screwing over west coast viewers again or is it just me?

    ET/CT Users: 7:30pm EST/6:30PM CST
    MT Users: 6:30pm MT (an hour delayed?)
    PT Users: 7:30 PT (THREE hours delayed? )

    WTF! Am I reading that right? If you want to stream it live (not watch it on TV) from the west coast they aren't going to let you and make you wait 3 hours instead?

    And are there ways to get around that? If you are in the Pacific Time zone is there a way for you to watch it live if you have access to NBC?
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    This is pretty cool. Could use some music, but still.