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Why haven't MLB players followed Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest?

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    I was curious, so I did some digging, and an article I found seemed to answer my question. Much heated debate has gone on about whether or not it was just for NFL players to sit or kneel during the national anthem, in protest to police brutality against African Americans. One would think that MLB players would follow suite, right?

    Well, according to Baltimore Orioles player Adam Jones, it's all about numbers and demographics, and according to the 2016 MLB Racial and Gender Report Card, white players in baseball far outnumber African American players 58.8% to 8.3%. Whereas African American players make up 68.7% in the NFL, compared to 28.6% for white players.

    The numbers don't lie, I suppose.

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    Makes a lot of sense, numbers wise. Though I think that could change. We now have a growing list of 'protesters' in the NFL --

    Jets - Brandon Marshall
    Dolphins - Arian Foster, Jelani Jenkins, Kenny Stills, Michael Thomas
    Chiefs - Marcus Peters
    Patriots - Devin McCourty, Martellus Bennett

    That's 8 players, and I'm sure I'm missing a few. They are either kneeling or doing a fist in the air (apparently a 1968 Olympics nod). This coupled with Jones' comments I imagine will have at least a few MLB guys considering joining, no matter the race. There is comfort in numbers. Sucks to be the first. Second is close to as hard. 3rd and beyond, way less heat.

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    If I remember right, Eric Reid took a knee with Kap during the last game.
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    The list is growing, in the NFL at least...

    NFL players who protested during national anthem in Week 2

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    I saw somewhere that there are quite a few high school and college teams doing this. And not just one or two players, but the entire teams. I'll try to find the source.