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2016 is pivotal for Big Ten football conference

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    Ohio State already solidified the Big Ten being in the conversation as one of the best conferences going in college football. Michigan State did their part last year, finishing in the top 4. Now Michigan is joining in the ranks, being AP's #4 national team right now, looking firm to hold on. Oh and the Buckeyes are #3 right now.

    2 top 4's. Meaning it's possible if all holds, we could be seeing an all Big 10 national championship game. While that would be awesome, I'm not holding by breathe. Could happen though. You also have:

    9 Wisconsin, 12 Michigan State and 13 Iowa.. all in the top 15. Only the ACC even comes close, with 3 in the top 10.

    A pivotal week for the Big Ten is week 3. Check out the lineup of a few games --

    3Ohio State v 14Oklahoma
    12Michigan State v 18Notre Dame
    22Oregon v Nebraska

    So Nebraska could join the top 25. Michigan State with a win will move up. And Ohio State, depending on how they do and how the Sooners finish out the year, could move up to #2. Looking at the rest of the year's schedules, it looks like week 3 is the most pivotal week. If Big Ten teams can sweep, and handle their business the rest of the season, I think they move past both the SEC and ACC as the conference to beat. This will be a defining year for the conference.

    At least they have a really good opportunity. Hope it happens, and I'll say it again, I hope they surpass Alabama. I am sick and tired of seeing them the top team for like 36 months in a row.

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    Well they all won. 5 in the top 25 now. 3 in the top 8. Clearly they are the conf to beat this year. Any scenario where Ohio State beats out Alabama for #1 before the playoffs?
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    Well the Big 10 just made history. 3 of the top 5 AP poll's teams are from the big ten: Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin. The SEC only has Alabama for the most part. The Big Ten is clearly the best conference in football now. And I don't see that changing, for at least 2-3 years.

    The Big Ten Made History In This Week’s AP Poll