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Five biggest rule changes to college basketball's upcoming season

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    I wanted to dive back into my understanding of the sport, and I found an interesting article that breaks down the new rule changes for this upcoming season. It seems like every league, both pro and college are always changing the rules. Whether or not it makes the game more dynamic or political, is definitely debatable.

    1. Coaches will have the ability to call a timeout when a ball is "live" after a made basket on an inbound situation.

    2. Double Foul calls will be more common.

    In the words of the article:

    Post play physicality and "rebounding displacement" are two huge points of emphasis. The latter is mostly about officials' placement on the floor, but the former is going to take teams and coaches time to adjust. To put it frankly, when a guy with the ball is in the post, he can "shape up" by bending his elbows. He cannot use his arms to prevent a defender from getting around him, though. If that happens, it's now an automatic foul.

    3. Travelling calls will rise.

    It's become normal basketball movement to accept a pass and then take a tiny hop to set/square one's self. That's technically a travel. It will now be called as such.

    4. Big Ten and MAC are involved in an experiment, concerning block/charge plays.

    Big Ten and the MAC will now have the ability to review block/charge plays and overturn calls when applicable in the final two minutes of a game.

    5. Offensive players are granted more movement with the ball.

    Offensive and defensive players are allowed a certain amount of space to make natural, normal basketball moves. For the offense, a "normal basketball play" starts with either a shot attempt, a pass or a dribble. In a sentence: An offensive player should be able to make a move without having someone jamming up on them and restricting them.

    So there you have it. I'd like to hear some feedback on this, especially from the die-hard college basketball fans. Does everyone agree with these changes?

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    I'm a fan of #5 probly the most. It's really frustrating watching the end of a close game where everyone is annoyingly 'jammed' up. I get the argument that it makes it more physical and competitive. But it gets out of hand a lot. And just leads to a straight up fowl anyways. So for them to stop that is a good thing. All the others seem common sense enough.
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    Number 3 is the best change for me. College and NBA have become so forgiving with travelling lately. They think it's OK to let the play travel, simply because he is running in for a dunk. To me, that's no excuse. Travelling is travelling.

    As far as number 5 goes, I can also see this helping a bit. There's nothing more frustrating in basketball as when you catch a pass and get bombarded with waving hands. Not only that, but they are a quarter inch away from you. I wonder how much space will be implemented.