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BYU's Eric Mika will carry the Cougars to WCC title, and beyond

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    I think BYU finally has a player capable of vaulting them to the top of their conference. And if he keeps up his ridiculous points and rebound per game average, no doubt well into the NCAA tournament. Taking about Eric Mika here.

    Feels like it's been a while since BYU has been better than 'middle of the pack'. That's how I usually see them. Rarely terrible. Rarely awesome. That can change real fast though when you have a 6'10'', 230lb sophomore forward that's averaging double digit rebounds (11) and over 20 points a game, over the first 4 games.

    Good to see the Zags and Saint Mary getting some real competition this year. With all 3 teams currently undefeated, no doubt their main competition during the regular season will be matchups within their own conference. (with a few exceptions).

    I think BYU has the help around Mika to win the WCC title. And if that stands true, it's likely they go undefeated. Which in turn means good seeding in the tournament. Then all bets are off. Excited to see what happens. Mika looks NBA bound, very early on.