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Championship Weekend's Impact on College Football Playoffs

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    I think the games to zero in on here are (obviously enough) from the major conferences.

    Pac 12 has #8 Colorado taking on #4 Washington. All Washington has to do here is win, convincingly. I have my doubts. Even if they win, if it's just barely, watch out for the Big Ten making a move on that #4 spot.

    SEC has Alabama playing Florida. Florida is #15 at the moment. If Alabama loses, all beats are off. Slim chance though. They should remain #1.

    Big 12 has #10 Oklahoma State v #9 Oklahoma. This won't impact this year's playoffs, I don't think. But it definitely will go a long way in their preseason rankings for next year.

    ACC's matchup is interesting to me. Clemson v #23 Virginia Tech. I am not on the Clemson bandwagon. I think they are beatable. And if that happens, they will drop outside the top 4, no doubt. That will be one of the games I will be watching for sure.

    But perhaps the best matchup with the most implications is..

    Big Ten championship game with #6 Wisconsin playing #7 Penn State. I wonder if either of these teams will be able to catapult into the top 4, if they win convincingly enough here? Especially if Clemson loses, or Washington loses or barely wins.

    Looking to update this after the weekend is over. But my prediction, for what it's worth, is Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and... Wisconsin. So really it comes down to Penn State/Wisconsin/Washington for that final spot. Who do you see taking it? I'm interesting in your argument if Wisconsin wins big, why they should NOT make it.