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Expand the College Football Playoffs to 8 teams

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    No brainer to me. Expand it to 8 teams. We originally had the problem of 3 and 4 seeds looking great, but missing out under the original BCS system. Now that we have a 4 team playoff picture, it's better. But still not perfect. I think expanding the playoffs to 8 teams would be infinitely more exciting. Top teams could get a playoff bye. And those 5-8 ranked teams are always so close to the top 4. It just makes sense to me. Would feel more like the NFL. And would keep teams even more competitive throughout the year, as a 2 loss team could still very realistically make it in.

    Thoughts? I know that scheduling is always an issue with college games. I mean they are, after all, college students. But with some reorganization, it would be a massive improvement. Also, to piggie back on this idea, just don't have as many bowl games. Not every single damn team should get a bowl game. They are supposed to be a reward, not a money grab at the end of a failed season. 5-7 teams should never get a bowl game. C'mon now.

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    Why the College Football Playoff won't expand anytime soon

    This article sorta depressed me on this idea, even though I really want it to happen:

    I don’t want to say never,” Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford said. “But I don’t think we’ll see it during the remaining years of the contract."

    That media-rights contract with ESPN runs through 2025. So get used to what we’ve got – which, it must be reiterated, beats the heck out of what we used to have.

    Swofford, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby and Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey enumerated several complications that would arise from trying to expand the playoff to eight teams or more. Among them:

    • The radical restructuring of the calendar.

    The season either would have to be extended further into January or more playoff games would have to be played in December, and both of those are problematic options.

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    A good point for expanding the playoffs is that all the major conference winners would have a chance of getting in, and not just 4 of them. That's the best argument I have heard actually. Looks like it'll be another 9-10 years before this seriously changes though.