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Most complete team in the NFL?

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    After I watched the Cowboys win their 11th in a row, I turned on the local radio, for post game commentary. Heard a caller bring up a good question. He was concerned that Dallas isn't a complete enough team to win it all. Then the host brought up the fact that NO team in the NFL is a complete team.

    Had me thinking, is that true? Is there a team that is solid to strong in all 3 phases of the game? Or even just defensively AND offensively? If not, who is arguably the strongest, like best overall team?

    I'm thinking at the contenders here are:

    Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, Giants, Lions, Falcons, Seahawks.

    If you had to weight the performance and potential of these team's offense and defense on a 1 to 10 scale, here's my take:


    Cowboys - 9/5 (14)
    Pats - 8/5 (13)
    Steelers - 9/5 (14)
    Raiders - 8/6 (14)
    Chiefs - 5/9 (14)
    Broncos - 4/9 (13)
    Giants - 7/6 (13)
    Lions - 7/5 (12)
    Falcons - 8/6 (14)
    Seahawks - 7/7 (14)

    That's my thinking. Clearly I can't find the best, just a bunch of ties. The Cowboys and Steelers I think are the two best offenses in the league, but middle of the road defenses. The Chiefs and Broncos arguably exactly the opposite. And then you have the Falcons, Raiders and Seahawks, who seem the most balanced.

    If your offense fails, you need a solid defense, and vice versa. I think this proves the host's point; no team in the league is fully complete and dominate. You either have a strong offense, are built to defend, or are like Seattle and can do both above averagely.

    I suppose that means the Seahawks are the mmoooost complete. But they just lost to Tampa Bay. So whatever. Who do you think is actually the most complete team in the league, best made for Super Bowl 51?

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    Seattle. Especially now that Rawls is back and healthy. Then its a tie for second with Dallas, Pats, Oakland and Steelers.