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Thoughts on 2016-17 Pro Bowl Selections (offensive playmakers)

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    QBs - Tom Brady, Derek Carr, Ben Roethlisberger
    RBs - Le'Veon Bell, DeMarco Murray, LeSean McCoy
    WRs - Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, AJ Green, TY Hilton
    TEs - Travis Kelce, Delanie Walker

    This must mean the voters clearly think the Steelers offense has the best trio of talent in the league. They were the only team to get the qb/rb/wr selections. And if Ladarius Green would have played all season, who knows, they could have been 4/4. I think you could argue that TY Hilton could have been beaten out by Michael Crabtree. Otherwise, I completely agree with this list.


    QBs - Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott
    RBs - Ezekiel Elliott, David Johnson, Devonta Freeman
    WRs - Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Larry Fitzgerald
    TEs - Greg Olsen, Jordan Reed

    I am slanted being a Cowboy's fan and all, but I think Jason Witten should have gotten the nod, over Jordan Reed. Reed has been injured a good deal of the year. And they have a viable backup in Vernon Davis. But Dallas runs through Witten. He is one of their best pass catchers AND blockers. Without Witten, Dallas is not 12-2.

    Dak is interesting here, as Stafford and Brees got overlooked. I think that 32/36 completion % against the Bucs last week was the deciding factor here. If he hadn't of had an outstanding game, he would not be on this list.

    I think you could make the case for Jordan Howard in Chicago OVER Freeman in Atlanta. Howard came out of nowhere, and is having a great season, on an otherwise terrible team. Otherwise, solid list again.

    Any snubs that I missed? Pretty interesting that every single selection is a bonafide name in the game, that's been in the league for years, EXCEPT the 2 Dallas rookies. Just shows what kind of run Dallas is on, and how well they lucked out in the draft.

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    This was a pretty easy year for the selection committee. I agree with all the choices. Though I am also of the thought that missing four games should exclude you from the process, sorry Brady.