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What does UFC 207 mean for Rousey's career, the WWE?

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    This article is just some evidence as to where Ronda Rousey might end up if she decides to retire. This, of course, is mostly hanging on the results of her next fight against Amanda Nunes. The article says that she has received an alternate offer from WWE to join their roster. No offense to wrestling fans, but that seems like an insult to a former champion of actual fighting. Although, it is indicated that she is a big WWE fan herself.

    I don't know, it just reminds me old stories of famous gladiators in the Roman days. If they actually survived their career, some would return to the arena only to play fight, just so the fans could get a look at a former champion. Honestly, I hope she gets her belt back, but if she doesn't, why not acting? After all, movies and the like have a broader audience than WWE.

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    I think after that last loss to Nunez, Ronda is unfortunately done in the UFC. I could be wrong, but she takes losses very hard. And 2 in a row is pretty demoralizing to a fighter of her caliber, and prior ego. I could totally see her re-emerging in the WWE in a few months, after she recovers.
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    Agreed, it was very hard to watch. Nunez hits like a train. I wanted Rousey to tap out after the first two hits.