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Tony Romo retires, becomes NFL broadcaster for CBS

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    Hard to believe this story actually. Tony Romo retires. That's understandable enough. I thought he might have landed on say Denver and play another 1-2 years. But he's 37 and has a lot of injuries under his belt. So makes sense.

    What shocked me to read this morning is that Romo will now be replacing Phil Simms as the main CBS analyst for NFL games. What?! For real? I thought maybe he would go into coaching. Or maybe he would become an analyst after some time, and work his way up, something like what Tony Hernandez did.

    But no. He landed one of, if not THE biggest NFL announcing jobs possible, basically the same day he retired. This is especially shocking when you consider that Peyton Manning is out there doing commercials and.. I'm not sure what else. Not that Romo wouldn't be good at this, I'm sure he will be, at least with time. It's just a little bizarre to read the headline. And it will be especially weird to see him calling actual Cowboy games this next season. Mark your calendars for the Thanksgiving Day game!

    What do you make of this? Think it'll be odd seeing Romo sitting next to Jim Nantz calling games from now on, or does it makes sense to you?

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    I'm not surprised, even announcers like Jimmy Johnson were saying how he'd make a good announcer or analyst. Good on him. I'm not crazy about the guy, but I definitely don't like to see him constantly get messed up.
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    It's pretty cool to actually see a QB transition from playing to a spot like this. You see all the vets with these jobs and forget that they actually played. I think Peyton is content with doing little spots here and there. He looks like he's having fun with it. I can totally see them offering Peyton the job first and him turning it down.