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2017 NBA Playoffs and Bracket

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    Hard to see any 3-8 seeds making it out of the eastern conference. A team like Houston or OKC could surprise the Spurs, but I've thought before. Think the same will be true for the West.

    That would leave the usual suspects: Warriors and Spurs playing for the West. And then Boston and the Cavs trying for the east title.

    Think any team can actually take one of these 4 teams down early? I honestly am all for yet another Warriors/Cavs showdown. That is still the most interesting West/East matchup to me, especially with the addition of Durant.

    Here's the bracket breakdown:

    2017 Playoff Bracket

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    Seems everything is going according to plan, except for the Celtics. The Bulls are walking all over them so far. Up 2-0. At this point, aside from the championship, I am most looking forward to a possible Cavs/Bulls Eastern championship playoff.

    I haven't watched the Bulls during the regular season, but I will now. I like the Wade, Rondo, Butler combo. Weird that Rondo is playing for the Celtics now. And then Wade could play Lebron. Gone are the days where players stay put for long.

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    We have the chance to see both the Cavs and Warriors walk into the finals without losing a game, at this point. Warriors are 5-0, Cavs 6-0. I think both will handle their current 2nd round matchups without losing. But for the Cavs to blank the Celtics.. I don't see that happening. The Celtics have won 6 in a row right now, so that will be a great East matchup.

    Same is true for the Warriors. Houston is looking really good right now, and will probably go to Game 7 with the Spurs. Will be very hard to see the Warriors blanking either of them.

    Still, could happen. Would make history.

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    We are about to end up with the 1 and 2 seeds from both conferences. Meh. All of this has just been an appetizer, to the main show. So far the playoffs have been boring and predictable. The West/East finals series is actually where the fun starts.