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Kentucky Derby - Always Dreaming's strategy pays off

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    The race track at Churchill Downs was very, very muddy and slick from rain with lots of standing water. No horse really stood out beforehand, but the #1 pick Always Dreaming did happen to pull out strong in the final stretch and won it all. So much for my hopes that 54-1 odds State of Honor would win, even though that horse started out in front and stayed there for almost half the race! Damn.. so close..

    Probably no horse, including Always Dreaming, looks likely to win the whole Triple Crown this year. But, Always Dreaming was the best horse in the first leg, no doubt. And did take full advantage with a smart strategy of riding the inside path the whole time, and got the win at the 143rd Derby run.

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    Anyone place any bets on this race? Curious how you made out.. Here's the race replay as well:

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    I've always wanted to bet on "the ponies", as Mr. Tony Soprano says. It seems like a really fun sport to gamble on. Solid build up of anticipation, while also have a really quick time gap to know if you've won or not. It was actually 'The Sopranos' that made me interested in the sport to begin with.