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Rookie winners at the Indianapolis 500

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    I keep hearing about this rookie Fernando Alonso leading up to the Indy 500. Apparently he put in a super impressive qualifier. And has a great chance of winning. Got me wondering how many rookies have ever won this race? Turns out, the answer is 10 drivers.

    • Ray Harroun (1911, inaugural race)
    • Jules Goux (1913)
    • Rene Thomas (1914)
    • Frank Lockhart (1926)
    • George Souders (1927)
    • Louis Meyer (1928)
    • Graham Hill (1966)
    • Juan Pablo Montoya (2000)
    • Helio Castroneves (2001)
    • Alexander Rossi (2016)

    Think we will see a rookie win back to back years? I started watching this event just last year. And that was really cool to see Rossi win. I'll be rooting for Alonso this time around, even though there seems to be quite a few rooting AGAINST him.

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    Right now it's Scott Dixon with 6-1 odds to win. Then Will Power and Fernando Alonso at 8-1. Should be a very tight race. Even Rossi is given pretty good odds by Vegas at 15-1. Could see our first repeat.
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    Takuma Sato took the win. He's the first Japanese Indy 500 winner in history. I bet he feels on top of the world right now.