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Wimbledon (since 2003) - Federer v Nadal v Djokovic v Murray

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    In the post-Pete Sampras era, there are really only 4 men tennis players that seem to matter when it comes to Wimbledon. Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic. And Andy Murray.

    Maybe it's because it's on a grass surface (arguably the most difficult surface) or maybe it's just because these four guys are just that much better than every other male tennis player in the world.. but for the last 14 years and running, only these 4 have won at Wimbledon.

    Here's how the wins have happened over that time:

    2003 thru 2007 - Federer
    2008 - Nadal
    2009 - Federer
    2010 - Nadal
    2011 - Djokovic
    2012 - Federer
    2013 - Murray
    2014 & 2015 - Djokovic
    2016 - Murray

    That gives Federer 7 wins. Nadal 2. Djokovic 3. And Andy Murray 2.

    Not surprising that the ranking for the 2017 Wimbledon tournament puts these 4 in the top 4 spots. I can't imagine someone outside this foursome winning here. The odds are just too stacked against that. Though I think it's pretty cool that ANY of these 4 have a great chance of winning. Murray got the top bid. But I think it's even across the board.

    Seems clear at this point that Federer is the current king of Wimbledon. Though tied with Sampras, both having 7 wins. If Federer can get another win, he'll stand alone at the top. Interesting to point out ages as well:

    Federer - 35 (almost 36). Nadal just turned 31. Djokovic just turned 30. Murray just turned 30. So.. the other 3 have 5-6 years more in their career (theoretically) to catch Federer, especially if one of them takes it this year. I think this is one of the most interesting races for greatness in all of sports right now. And I don't think we will get to know who exactly is THE BEST from this grouping, until all have retired.

    Looking forward to this Wimbledon. I honestly can't pick a favorite here either; rare sport where I am kind of rooting for them all, and just want to see the best at the moment pull through.

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    Until Federer retires, I'll always give him the edge at Wimbledon.
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    And then there were 3; down goes Nadal. Pretty epic try on his part though. Here's the recap if interested:

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    Well, now Murray lost. Djokovic is out too, though he was playing hurt already (shoulder). Leaves Federer and 3 others in the semi finals. So far, Federer is the best of the 4 at Wimbledon. And he is 2 matches away from making history.. Berdych is no joke. He took out Djokovic. That's who he faces first. Then Querrey v Cilic in the other semis, which Querrey took out Murray. Not an easy road.