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NFC and AFC Favorites for 2017-18 Season?

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    I'd like to think of the 16 AFC teams that one of the other 15 can unseat the Patriots as the clear favorite. But I have a feeling they will repeat and make it back to the Super Bowl yet again. Adding Bradin Cooks to the wide receiver corp I think will be a big deal for Brady. And adding Mike Gillislee at running back was a pretty slick move too. They won last year with a piece mill team, and it just got a lot better.

    I guess there's always hope for the Steelers. But their biggest problem has always been keeping Big Ben healthy. Then there are the Chiefs and Texans, both have great defenses and subpar offenses.. I just don't see them winning in the playoffs.

    As for the NFC.. it's much harder. Green Bay, Seattle, Atlanta, and Dallas I see as being the front-runners of their divisions. Though the Giants adding Bradon Marshall could be a big deal too..

    My early prediction is not a bold one: Green Bay vs New England. But I would most like to see the Cowboys and Steelers, for whatever that's worth.

    Anyone see this season going another way?

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    I have a feeling Ben will stay healthy throughout the season, but I just don't see them winning the playoffs. I think they need to revamp and start to approach the field in a different way. I really hope the Packers get to the SB this year. I also really hope that they go up against the Patriots and destroy them. I feel pretty bad for Rodgers. Their biggest problem, at least looking from the outside in, is they seem to coast once they have a few wins on their record. Then they turn back into a great team again once they hit the danger zone. I see them winning the SB this year if they can keep their momentum and keep Rodgers healthy.