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    ESPN has narrowed down the running for the Heisman to their expert pick's top 10 list, in this order:

    Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma QB
    Bryce Love, Stanford RB
    Saquon Barkley, Penn State RB
    Khalil Tate, Arizona QB
    Josh Adams, Notre Dame RB
    Lamar Jackson, Louisville QB
    Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin RB
    Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State RB
    Nick Chubb, Georgia RB
    Rashaad Penny, San Diego State RB

    Bunch of running backs and quarterbacks only this year. A shame no defensive player or even wide receiver can make the finalist list this year. Oh well. Pretty standard.

    The problem with handing the trophy to Mayfield as of today is all he has to do is have one single down game, and he falls from grace. Or at least it gets much more murky. That's what happened to Love and Barkley. They were locks to either/or getting it, until they put together a few so-so weeks, back to back.

    Think Mayfield will walk away with this one, or do you like someone else on this list more? Only 11 weeks into the season. Plenty can still happen.