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Wisconsin wins Big Ten title in OT; looks to grab #1 seed

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    Michigan State gave them almost more than they could handle. And I had my money on Wisconsin getting upset about half way through the final game. But Wisconsin tied it up awesomely in the 4th. And then went on to dominate Mich St. in OT, claiming the Big Ten conference tournament championship. And with or without this win, they look pretty primed to claim a NCAA tournament #1 seeding.

    How far do you think Wisconsin can go in the big tournament? Just weeks ago, I had little faith that the Badgers would be a top team in the nation. But now they look almost as good as any team out there, sans Kentucky. Do you see them making it to the Final Four? My guess.. they lose in the Elite 8.
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    They just got their number one seed! I will always root for a Big Ten team, especially since my Fighting Illini can't seem to put together a top notch team for the life of them. I can see them going pretty far, but I'm not sure they have what it takes to win it all this year. I just can't see anyone taking down Kentucky, but March Madness has seem it's share of epic defeats.