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Are the Eagles still a Super Bowl team without Wentz?

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    Eagles confirm Carson Wentz has torn ACL, will miss rest of season

    Man. That was rough to watch. Wentz went out of the game late against the Rams with a knee injury and now it's confirmed he is done for the season with a torn ACL. He was the front runner for league MVP. Well, him and maybe Russell Wilson.

    How devastating is this to the Eagles' chances to make and perhaps even win the Super Bowl now? They still have a very good defense. And almost no holes on the offense. Still have great running backs and Nick Foles is a very capable back up. Can this team survive or do all their chances fall with Wentz out of the picture?

    They will 100% be in the playoffs as that Ram's game was a division winner. But #1-2 seed now is in doubt when it wasn't before. With 3 games left to play, it's concievable that the Rams, Saints and/or Panthers could all pass the Eagles, if all 3 win out and the Eagles lose 3 in a row. I really don't see that happening though.

    Either way, the NFC race just got a lot more complicated.

    The big questions (and answers) after Carson Wentz's injury

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    Hopefully they can keep it together and just let their defense do their thing. The Broncos won the SB with their defense a little while back, I think they can do the same. It would be super cool to see them get to the Super Bowl and win it.
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    Yes. That is my prediction.
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    Kos9 Wrote: Yes. That is my prediction.
    You nailed it!