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It. Was. Broken!!!
I would love to see Jordan Spieth with back to back majors. That would be one hell of a feat. The home country crowd will definitely be rooting him on and I hope that will help propel him to a win.
Man, 7,800 is a monster of a course. This definitely seems like a course for those players who have a good long ball, but we will see.
I've heard that this is a hell of a tough course. It will be interesting to see what players are able to tame it and what players it swallows whole.
It would have been great to see them win, but a draw is better than a loss.
I've enjoyed watching the games via my Playstation Vue.
Wouldn't that be awesome?! They played great in their first game. I hope they can keep it up.
Nice. I've been using my PlayStation Vue, but it's good to know that there's some live streaming options available if I am not around my console.
I have a feeling they planned this all along, How in the world can they come up with a Super Bowl worthy commercial in a matter of days?
Clausen's stats don't really back that claim up. He had a bunch of short, easy passes and the only time the Bears really scored was when the Lions screwed up. It's easy to score when the opposing team muffs a punt return and gives you the ball on the 11 yard line. I think Cutler is given a bad rap. I could care less what his facial expressions are. Does he have receivers to throw to? Not with all the injuries this year. Does he have an offensive line protecting him? Not this year. It's really easy to blame him for all of the Bears woes, but I think it's off base. The coaching staff is clueless and have proven that they don't know how to manage the team. All of them need to go. What would happen if the Bears did decide to get rid of Cutler? Who in the world would they replace him with? Forgive me if I don't think a quarterback who played his first professional game in years this week is our saving grace. If the Lions played to the caliber they have been all year then they would have slaughtered the Bears. Just because they played a terrible game doesn't mean that Clausen played like a star quarterback.
Displaying 1 - 10 of 11 Comments
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