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  • Aug 04, 2017 08:55 PM
    Last: 14d

    I'd like to think of the 16 AFC teams that one of the other 15 can unseat the Patriots as the clear favorite. But I have a feeling they will repeat and make it back to the Super Bowl yet again. Adding Bradin Cooks to the wide receiver corp I think will be a big deal for Brady. And adding Mike Gillislee at running back was a pretty slick move too. They won last year with a piece mill team, and it just got a lot better.

    I guess there's always hope for the Steelers. But their biggest problem has always been keeping Big Ben healthy. Then there are the Chiefs and Texans, both have great defenses and subpar offenses.. I just don't see them winning in the playoffs.

    As for the NFC.. it's much harder. Green Bay, Seattle, Atlanta, and Dallas I see as being the front-runners of their divisions. Though the Giants adding Bradon Marshall could be a big deal too..

    My early prediction is not a bold one: Green Bay vs New England. But I would most like to see the Cowboys and Steelers, for whatever that's worth.

    Anyone see this season going another way?

  • Jul 14, 2017 05:02 PM
    Last: 20d

    :D I'm torn. I agree with you in theory. BUT.. Conor is so good at trash talk, I find it highly entertaining too watch. For sure it's the equivalent excuse to someone defending the Real Housewives of .. wherever. But I still find it entertaining nonetheless, guess the term is guilty pleasure. At the end of the day, they are just words.. though I don't think all 'words' are created equal. There are lines, I just haven't felt Conor has crossed any just yet.

    Mayweather's actions in the past towards women in particular have crossed lines though. And that's another reason I don't mind seeing Conor go after him. What I also don't like is watching other fighters who are not as good at trash talk as Conor is try and emulate him, after seeing how popular it has made him. Just looks clumsy, transparent and silly to me. Watching Floyd try and keep pace with Conor is kind of painful.

  • Jul 23, 2017 06:39 PM
    Last: 9d

    Spieth just won the British Open, giving him his third Grand Slam victory before the age of 24. Only one other golfer in history has managed to pull that feat off at that age, Jack Nickalus. That puts him above Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, you name it. Just when I decided to think of Spieth as just another of a whole lot of good golfers going today, he surprises me again.

    So he also won the Masters and US Open, leaving only the PGA Championship. Unfortunately Spieth turns 24 next week, and the PGA isn't until next month. But still, if he wins there, that I think would make him the youngest to win all 4. I would imagine anyways... when did Nickalus win his 4th, anyone know?

  • Jul 21, 2017 10:36 AM
    Last: 1mo
    That is pretty unusual. Spieth is holding strong through Round 2. So whatever he's doing is working. Sitting alone at the top right now at -6. Would be a huge confidence win for him I would think.
  • Jul 11, 2017 03:56 PM
    Last: 1mo

    Yeah, looks like the shoulder got the best of him. Must suck to compete at like 50%, knowing you are way better than what people are seeing. Here's him talking right after -

    Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2017 quarter-final press conference

  • Jul 08, 2017 07:57 PM
    Last: 1mo
    That's my feeling, that it's not taken AS seriously. And the competition isn't AS hard. Still, it's a qualifier for the ultimate stage. Pretty important for all teams involved. Surprises me that teams like Costa Rica or Brazil haven't ever won.
  • Jun 28, 2017 03:15 PM
    Last: 1mo

    And then there were 3; down goes Nadal. Pretty epic try on his part though. Here's the recap if interested:

  • Jul 05, 2017 06:28 PM
    Last: 2mo

    Not surprisingly, Sagan appealed, and got quickly rejected. I think the committee is just playing it safe here.

    Court rejects Peter Sagan’s appeal on Tour de France disqualification

    Sucks all around, as Sagan stays out, and Cavendish broke his shoulder blade in the crash, and is obviously out of the race as well.

  • Jul 05, 2017 06:28 PM
    Last: 2mo

    So I've watched this crash from a few different angles. Videos below. Gotta say I think a full disqualification from the rest of the race was way too harsh for Peter Sagan. Yes, from one angle you can clearly see him stick out his elbow. But from another, you can't really see that at all, and it looks like he was put in a very tight and bad situation, that he had to make the best of it, or crash himself.

    Do you think he should have been disqualified for this crash??

  • Jun 28, 2017 03:15 PM
    Last: 1mo

    In the post-Pete Sampras era, there are really only 4 men tennis players that seem to matter when it comes to Wimbledon. Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic. And Andy Murray.

    Maybe it's because it's on a grass surface (arguably the most difficult surface) or maybe it's just because these four guys are just that much better than every other male tennis player in the world.. but for the last 14 years and running, only these 4 have won at Wimbledon.

    Here's how the wins have happened over that time:

    2003 thru 2007 - Federer
    2008 - Nadal
    2009 - Federer
    2010 - Nadal
    2011 - Djokovic
    2012 - Federer
    2013 - Murray
    2014 & 2015 - Djokovic
    2016 - Murray

    That gives Federer 7 wins. Nadal 2. Djokovic 3. And Andy Murray 2.

    Not surprising that the ranking for the 2017 Wimbledon tournament puts these 4 in the top 4 spots. I can't imagine someone outside this foursome winning here. The odds are just too stacked against that. Though I think it's pretty cool that ANY of these 4 have a great chance of winning. Murray got the top bid. But I think it's even across the board.

    Seems clear at this point that Federer is the current king of Wimbledon. Though tied with Sampras, both having 7 wins. If Federer can get another win, he'll stand alone at the top. Interesting to point out ages as well:

    Federer - 35 (almost 36). Nadal just turned 31. Djokovic just turned 30. Murray just turned 30. So.. the other 3 have 5-6 years more in their career (theoretically) to catch Federer, especially if one of them takes it this year. I think this is one of the most interesting races for greatness in all of sports right now. And I don't think we will get to know who exactly is THE BEST from this grouping, until all have retired.

    Looking forward to this Wimbledon. I honestly can't pick a favorite here either; rare sport where I am kind of rooting for them all, and just want to see the best at the moment pull through.