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  • Jan 12, 2017 04:06 PM
    Last: 10d

    I don't get it. Can someone explain the logic behind this move? The Chargers owner has to pay a $615 million relocation fee to move into now what will be a SHARED stadium with the LA Rams. He could have taken that money to restore or rebuild a new stadium somewhere else. Or in San Diego. So now LA has two teams, in the same venue, and St Louis and San Diego fans lose their teams. This makes no sense to me.

    Plus the new LA Chargers (unofficial it seems) logo is terrible.

    Los Angeles Chargers' new logo is going over poorly with the internet

  • Dec 21, 2016 04:22 PM
    Last: 14d
    This was a pretty easy year for the selection committee. I agree with all the choices. Though I am also of the thought that missing four games should exclude you from the process, sorry Brady.
  • Jan 07, 2017 03:19 PM
    Last: 2hr
    The Steelers are the best team in the post season right now. I'd be surprised if the Packers make it out of the wild card round. I think the Giants D is that good. So my guess is it'll be the Steelers and the Cowboys for the Super Bowl. So I think there will be a repeat matchup, just not SB45. SB XXX. :)
  • Nov 30, 2016 03:40 PM
    Last: 2mo
    A good point for expanding the playoffs is that all the major conference winners would have a chance of getting in, and not just 4 of them. That's the best argument I have heard actually. Looks like it'll be another 9-10 years before this seriously changes though.
  • Nov 30, 2016 03:40 PM
    Last: 2mo

    Why the College Football Playoff won't expand anytime soon

    This article sorta depressed me on this idea, even though I really want it to happen:

    I don’t want to say never,” Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford said. “But I don’t think we’ll see it during the remaining years of the contract."

    That media-rights contract with ESPN runs through 2025. So get used to what we’ve got – which, it must be reiterated, beats the heck out of what we used to have.

    Swofford, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby and Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey enumerated several complications that would arise from trying to expand the playoff to eight teams or more. Among them:

    • The radical restructuring of the calendar.

    The season either would have to be extended further into January or more playoff games would have to be played in December, and both of those are problematic options.

  • Dec 02, 2016 01:32 PM
    Last: 2mo

    After I watched the Cowboys win their 11th in a row, I turned on the local radio, for post game commentary. Heard a caller bring up a good question. He was concerned that Dallas isn't a complete enough team to win it all. Then the host brought up the fact that NO team in the NFL is a complete team.

    Had me thinking, is that true? Is there a team that is solid to strong in all 3 phases of the game? Or even just defensively AND offensively? If not, who is arguably the strongest, like best overall team?

    I'm thinking at the contenders here are:

    Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, Giants, Lions, Falcons, Seahawks.

    If you had to weight the performance and potential of these team's offense and defense on a 1 to 10 scale, here's my take:


    Cowboys - 9/5 (14)
    Pats - 8/5 (13)
    Steelers - 9/5 (14)
    Raiders - 8/6 (14)
    Chiefs - 5/9 (14)
    Broncos - 4/9 (13)
    Giants - 7/6 (13)
    Lions - 7/5 (12)
    Falcons - 8/6 (14)
    Seahawks - 7/7 (14)

    That's my thinking. Clearly I can't find the best, just a bunch of ties. The Cowboys and Steelers I think are the two best offenses in the league, but middle of the road defenses. The Chiefs and Broncos arguably exactly the opposite. And then you have the Falcons, Raiders and Seahawks, who seem the most balanced.

    If your offense fails, you need a solid defense, and vice versa. I think this proves the host's point; no team in the league is fully complete and dominate. You either have a strong offense, are built to defend, or are like Seattle and can do both above averagely.

    I suppose that means the Seahawks are the mmoooost complete. But they just lost to Tampa Bay. So whatever. Who do you think is actually the most complete team in the league, best made for Super Bowl 51?

  • Nov 23, 2016 02:51 PM
    Last: 2mo

    I think BYU finally has a player capable of vaulting them to the top of their conference. And if he keeps up his ridiculous points and rebound per game average, no doubt well into the NCAA tournament. Taking about Eric Mika here.

    Feels like it's been a while since BYU has been better than 'middle of the pack'. That's how I usually see them. Rarely terrible. Rarely awesome. That can change real fast though when you have a 6'10'', 230lb sophomore forward that's averaging double digit rebounds (11) and over 20 points a game, over the first 4 games.

    Good to see the Zags and Saint Mary getting some real competition this year. With all 3 teams currently undefeated, no doubt their main competition during the regular season will be matchups within their own conference. (with a few exceptions).

    I think BYU has the help around Mika to win the WCC title. And if that stands true, it's likely they go undefeated. Which in turn means good seeding in the tournament. Then all bets are off. Excited to see what happens. Mika looks NBA bound, very early on.

  • Nov 08, 2016 01:39 PM
    Last: 2mo
    I'm a fan of #5 probly the most. It's really frustrating watching the end of a close game where everyone is annoyingly 'jammed' up. I get the argument that it makes it more physical and competitive. But it gets out of hand a lot. And just leads to a straight up fowl anyways. So for them to stop that is a good thing. All the others seem common sense enough.
  • Nov 03, 2016 05:09 PM
    Last: 1mo

    Man, Wisconsin moved to #4. Guess I shouldn't be surprised. But still.. that won't last. I see it ending up:

    1. Alabama
    2. Clemson
    3. Ohio State
    4. Louisville

  • Oct 31, 2016 02:08 PM
    Last: 3mo

    A real shame that the Derrick Rose experiment in Chicago never really worked out. He was one of my favorite players in the league, for one or two seasons at least. Arguably the funnest guy to watch play point; the most exciting anyways. But a million injuries later, and his lack of confidence after all those injuries lead him and Chicago to part ways. Rose is now a Knick (good luck with that) and the Bulls I think smartly upgraded to Rajon Rondo for their new point man, and Dwyane Wade as the superstar all around threat guy. (for lack of a better way to say that)

    2-0 is a small sample size, but the Bulls lead the league in assists thanks to the way Rondo passes. And they look like a faster, more efficient, smarter team all around. I think this chemistry builds throughout the year, and if shooters emerge and stay hot, I think we are finally seeing a team that could legitimately contend with the Cavs in the East, come playoff time.