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Wide receiver Julio Jones pulling in a pass from QB Matt Ryan, 1/13/2013Wide receiver Julio Jones pulling in a pass from QB Matt Ryan, 1/13/2013By: Georgia National Guard
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  • There are tons of things to consider when attending an NFL game. Some of which include buying tickets, food and drink, parking, and tailgating just to name a few. The experience of actually being at an NFL game can be eye-opening and pretty amazing. The first time I went to a Dallas Cowboy's home game I was blown away by just how big the spectacle really was.
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  • I think the stupidest rule change in the NFL was moving the extra point back. It adds no value to the game. People get excited about blocking, scrambling, running & passing and the work required to get a score.It's like all this skill and excitement to score 6 points and then just some mundane zero excitement single point try.Just watch.
  • The most successful NFL franchise of the last decade gets a lot of push back for being cheats. Yep, the New England Patriots always seem to be in some situation that makes you think that Belichick and company are up to no good.

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