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Wide receiver Julio Jones pulling in a pass from QB Matt Ryan, 1/13/2013Wide receiver Julio Jones pulling in a pass from QB Matt Ryan, 1/13/2013By: Georgia National Guard
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  • There are tons of things to consider when attending an NFL game. Some of which include buying tickets, food and drink, parking, and tailgating just to name a few. The experience of actually being at an NFL game can be eye-opening and pretty amazing. The first time I went to a Dallas Cowboy's home game I was blown away by just how big the spectacle really was.
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  • The NFC East, also known as the most interesting division in all of football. Okay, I am biased, being from Dallas and all. Even still, it's a division totally up for grabs, and 3 of the 4 teams should look completely different this time around. For a division that turned in 3 losing records in the 2015 season, I see that totally flip flopping for the 2016-17 season.

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