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Belmont Stakes stretch to the finish, 2010.Belmont Stakes stretch to the finish, 2010.By: Naoki Nakashima
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  • Belmont Stakes - Watching Guide & Post Positions
    The Belmont Stakes caps off the Triple Crown racing season, aptly dubbed 'The Third Jewel of the Triple Crown'. It's also the longest leg of all three races, stretching at 1.5 miles long. Makes for a worthy finale.This entry provides all the info needed to watch the event, including - TV viewing and online streaming options and the full post positions for the race.
  • Preakness vs Belmont Stakes: Why Favorites Rarely Take The Crown
    Roughly half of all thoroughbreds that have won the Kentucky Derby in the 21st century went on to win the Preakness Stakes. Most of the time with ease. And yet these same horses routinely fail at winning the last leg of the triple crown at Belmont.

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  • 3 Ways To Improve The Triple Crown - Level Up The Playing Field
    It's called the "Test of Champions" for a horse to win all three legs of the Triple Crown. A test so hard in fact that it's only happened really three times under the current formatting (or lack thereof) of the 3-leg event: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. That was in 1948, 1977, and then 1978. Hasn't happened since.

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