Who Will Be Taking the Field For Super Bowl XLIX?

Mon Dec 22, 2014 12:00:31PM
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http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003469737758By: Karan
The 2014 NFL Season is coming to a rapid close and the playoff picture is beginning to take shape. Some teams who are in the hunt haven't seen the postseason in quite some time while others seem to make the postseason so often that you wonder if they will ever not make it into January. From perpetual post season contenders like New England and Pittsburgh to those pulling themselves out of years of mediocrity, the post season will undoubtedly bring about some great football.

If the Super Bowl were to be held today, my guess would be that New England and Green Bay would be facing off. Both teams have dominated this season and I just don't see them being beat by any other teams in their respective conferences.

New England's toughest opponent is Denver, but Pittsburgh and Indianapolis are both having very strong seasons and may very well pull off an upset. The AFC seems to be the stronger conference this year, but that hasn't always been the deciding factor in determining who wins the Super Bowl.

Green Bay's toughest opponent is a little tougher to determine. The NFC has five teams that are sitting at 11-4 and it is anyone's guess what will happen in the playoffs. Green Bay may very well lose at any point in the playoffs, but I just feel they are the strongest team in the NFC at this moment. And trust me, this is very difficult for me to say considering I am a die hard Chicago fan.

Who do you think would be facing off in the Super Bowl if it were held tomorrow? Do you agree with my picks or do you think some other teams will be taking the field for Super Bowl XLIX?
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DaBoysDa Boys Are Back

2337 days ago
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I really want to see the Panthers or the Falcons make a Super Bowl appearance this year. Not for any personal fandom reasons, just to see what the backlash will be.
2337 days ago
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For the AFC, the Patriots should win. I can't imagine any team rolling into Gilette and pulling an upset. But for the NFC, it really depends. My guess is that Dallas and Green Bay land the 1 and 2 seeds. I see them playing in the NFC Championship, and am hopeful that Dallas shakes the monkey off their backs and resumes their role as America's team. A Cowboys-Patriots ticket for the Super Bowl will draw epic ratings. Maybe the biggest ever.