Keep Jay, Fire The Coaches

Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:34:58PM

Jay Cutler playing against the Green Bay PackersBy: Mike Morbeck
There's no doubt about it--this was a terrible year for my beloved Bears. They have, by all accounts, forgotten how to play good football and have left their millions of fans feeling helpless about the future of the franchise. Are we heading into a wilderness that will take years to dig out of, or can we make some corrections and become a contender once again? It's a question that has popped up in every fans mind and one that is not easily answered.

So many talking heads have laid the entirety of the Bears troubles on one person, quarterback Jay Cutler. I could not disagree with this more vehemently and will be more than a little upset if the upper management decides to dump him after one year of his seven year contract. Sure, he has not had a great season, but I think that's because half of the team is injured, the other half is old or inexperienced rookies, and the coaching staff doesn't have any idea how to manage a professional team.

I, along with many of my fellow Bears friends, were flabbergasted when the Bears looked over countless quality NFL coaches and went with an inexperienced Canadian Football League coach who hadn't stepped foot on an NFL field in years. Marc Trestman has proven unable to do anything right and his coaching staff seem to have forgotten that they have a job to do. How anyone can blame a quarterback for the terrible mismanagement from the top down is something I just don't understand.

It's time to give Jay Cutler a coach who actually has his back and doesn't speak negatively of him as an unnamed source to the press. It's time to fire Trestman and the entire coaching staff and give Cutler a coach who will help him get the Bears back on top again.
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2817 days ago
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Mike Shanahan could be the coach (if hired) that could turn the team around. Cutler has the potential to be an excellent QB with the right coaches and players that don't drop his passes. The Broncos and Shanahan drafted Cutler in Denver so they know each other. If the Bears keep Cutler, then Shanahan is the best choice as a coach.
2838 days ago
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Gotta disagree with you. Cutler looks lost and disinterested both on and off the field this year. He certainly has a cannon for an arm. But he is anything but accurate, and has never been known to be, dating back to his days in Denver as well. For a guy making the most of any QB in the league, his attitude is really disappointing too. Maybe that's because the team coaches are all wrong. Maybe. But I seriously doubt it. Clausen looked just fine in his stead.
Clausen's stats don't really back that claim up. He had a bunch of short, easy passes and the only time the Bears really scored was when the Lions screwed up. It's easy to score when the opposing team muffs a punt return and gives you the ball on the 11 yard line. I think Cutler is given a bad rap. I could care less what his facial expressions are. Does he have receivers to throw to? Not with all the injuries this year. Does he have an offensive line protecting him? Not this year. It's really easy to blame him for all of the Bears woes, but I think it's off base. The coaching staff is clueless and have proven that they don't know how to manage the team. All of them need to go. What would happen if the Bears did decide to get rid of Cutler? Who in the world would they replace him with? Forgive me if I don't think a quarterback who played his first professional game in years this week is our saving grace. If the Lions played to the caliber they have been all year then they would have slaughtered the Bears. Just because they played a terrible game doesn't mean that Clausen played like a star quarterback.
2831 days ago
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Clausen isn't the answer, no doubt about that. But I think it goes to show that the system the Bears had in place is capable, even if it lends itself to more dink and dunk with the back up in. My point was more that Clausen made star QB Cutler look average, at best. And he isn't even that good. I think they need another guy altogether. But, of course, quality QBs are in the shortest supply of any position. So, I get why Cutler got the deal he did. I just don't think he's worth it. But you make good points about the offensive line and the banged up wideouts. Cutler's #s were considerably better last year, when he was healthy.