2015 Super Bowl Ads Lineup

Fri Dec 19, 2014 15:22:23PM

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2015 seems like a bit of a down year for super bowl advertising. Price slots are down, and some notable companies have already decided not to participate this year, as they have nothing of note rolling out that is worthy of an expensive commercial, even if the slots are marginally less expensive. One such company will be Volkswagen. Even still, many familiar names will be dominating the much anticipated commercial lineup, as well as many newcomers. Even though the exact and final list isn't out just yet, most have been filled and are committed to at least one, if not multiple time slots. Here are the companies that promise commercial and viral gold during the 2015 Super Bowl game:

Expect them to continue to star the Clydedales in one ad, and likely the "Up for Whatever" campaign in another.

Carnival (cruise line)
The company created 4 possible ads, and is having fans vote on their favorite. You can check them all out here: www.carnivalmarketingchallenge.com

The soda giants are keeping their creative under wraps. They have announced though that they will have 1 60 second commercial to air.

2- 30 second commercials, all about their campaign to "Crash the Super Bowl".

Dove Men+Care
Will be something about their new campaign to "celebrate the modern man".

A departure from their sexually suggestive and racy censoring of Danika Patrick and company. This year their ad will be called "Journey Home" and will be about Danika and a puppy.

The latest installment of their #WinAtGlue campaign.

Will continue with another installment of "You're Not You When You're Hungry".

A commerical celebrating "great, bold dads", advertising their new Toyota Camry. Probably just the one time slot.

To make this shorter, all these remaining companies are undisclosed on their commercial content for the 2015 Super Bowl, but all expect to air at least one ad:

Nationwide, Nissan, Mophie (cellphone accessories), Mercedes-Benz, McDonald's, Pepsi, Skittles, Squarespace and Wix.com (website generator)
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DaBoysDa Boys Are Back

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And expect tons and tons of media coverage after the game airs.