NFL Penalties Are Getting Out of Hand

Thu Dec 18, 2014 11:34:59AM
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NFL referee Paul Weidner and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill CowherBy: Keith Allison
There used to be a time when if you caught the ball on the green, it was a complete pass. If you tackled a man with you head ever so slightly down, it was clean, and if you stuck your hand out in a certain way it wasn't interference. But rules and regulations have taken over in the most frustrating way. I can't count how many times I have been overly excited about an amazing play just to have the feeling quickly transformed into hatred. You know what I'm talking about. That deep down feeling of, "What! How?! Why?! Seriously!?". That is the most appropriate way to explain it.

According to the league's figures, penalties have jumped up this year by almost 50%. At this point I would normally ask why, but It's pretty obvious the reasons for the tighter ship. The last few years have been absolutely brutal for the NFL. With court cases, concussions, and players suing for injury's, the league has been trying to avoid further issues for themselves justifiably. So my real question is has it now gone too far?

As I said, the cons of this new overly excessive penalty program are obvious. It's ruining the excitement of the game at it's core. The players and fans are so frustrated by the thought of every single play being meticulously examined for the tiniest faults. This leads to people being an offset mix of what they are watching the game for and what they hate about games. I would say the mix is heavily on the side of anxiety for penalties when I don't think there should be a percentage larger than around 5 or so.

I hope the game can return to what it once was. That being said, I do not want players to be running into each other pull speed with crown down or taking it too far. There is a line. And that line is and/or should be known by every single professional player.
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2401 days ago
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Add players flopping to the list of annoying NFL trends, stolen from the NBA and Soccer. Anything to get a flag, right guys? C'mon..