Why Hockey isn't as Popular as The NFL

Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:56:54PM

Troy Brouwer just scored the game-winning goal at the 2015 NHL Winter Classic.By: 1995hoo
I am a big NFL fan myself. There are several reasons as to why I enjoy putting on the games and zoning out every Sunday for hours. I think most would agree the main reasons for watching the sport are the physical aspects, the rivalries, the showmanship of the players, and the skill and athleticism it takes to run that many plays for hours.

Now my question is, why do people look at me strange when I request the Blackhawk's game to be turned on at Buffalo Wild Wings. Of course I mean when I'm not in Chicago. To be a professional hockey play takes amazing hand-eye coordination, crazy stamina, and most games a good set of boxing hands. It's like three sports in one. Who doesn't love that? I do.

Some say it's because of the lack of high scoring. Being a huge hockey fan myself, I totally disagree. There is enough celebration packed into every score (especially in Chicago) that it greatly pays off when they eventually do. Plus I think with the games set up being the way they are, the amounts of scoring is evenly balanced. The average score per team in a professional level game is three points. Three extremely hard earned points.

This year's Winter Classic got an overnight rating of 2.3. Now, I can kind of understand this due to the lack of rivalry between the teams Blackhawks and Washington Capitols. But even still. The game was fast paced and full of healthy confrontation among the three quarters. In the end the Capitols took the cake which bothers me, but can't win them all I guess.

What do you think the reason for the NFL being more popular here in the states is?
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The game of football itself way more marketable. Any kid in any neighborhood (from the wealthy to the dirt poor) can manage a pigskin. And there's always some backyard or park or lot to play and practice in. It also costs way less to have a football field for the students than a hockey rink. All this leads to what student athletes are into, what they practice and what they get drafted into. If every school had a rink, this would definitely be a different story. But for now, there's only a small fraction of rinks compared to football fields in the US, so that's mainly what's keeping the sport down in my opinion.