Super Bowl 49's Halftime Show Might Get Spoiled By Katy Perry/Taylor Swift Fued

Sat Jan 10, 2015 08:46:02AM
Katy Perry at The Prismatic World Tour, Sydney AustraliaBy: Eva Rinaldi
If you haven't heard, pop singer Katy Perry and pop/country singer Taylor Swift don't like each other. At all. And if you haven't heard that, congratulations. This piece of information is pure nonsense, pop-gossip drama, and I applaud you from keeping your eardrums clean of this bit of info. It's a feud best left out of the national spotlight entirely.

But, legions of fans on both sides have, of course. And the reason why this is being brought up on a sport's blog about the Super Bowl in the first place is honestly regretful, but it does hold some importance, as Katy Perry is the NFL's choice for the marque performer during the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show. And Perry has already been hinting that she plans to use the platform to 'diss' Swift, probably either by a 'visual or lyric related jab'.

Now I'm not going to get into the feud specifics (as quite honestly I don't know them), but this does have the makings of joining a very long list of annoying things that happen during the Super Bowl Halftime show that everyone talks about for weeks or months afterwards, and consequently that's how a solid portion of the entire Super Bowl game itself gets remembered, for good.

Quick, do you remember who won the 2004 Super Bowl? Probably most of you don't, off hand. But.. do you remember what happened with Janet Jackson during that halftime show? OF COURSE you do. And while Katy Perry's planned jab at Swift likely won't be on that level of sensationalism, no doubt it will be on the level of M.I.A flipping off the camera for all the world to see during the 2012 show. Or Prince's questionable use of a shadowy backdrop, as he strums his phallic-looking guitar at the 2007 show.

The list goes of examples goes on and on. But why bother. Seems like every Super Bowl comes with a corresponding 'controversy' during the halftime show that steals some of the games' thunder. Not every year, mind you. But more often than not, over the last decade or so, ever since 'the malfunction', it's been a problem.

I have no issues with Katy Perry (or Taylor Swift) as artists, or as people. I mean, I don't listen to their music. But that doesn't mean that it isn't good (I'm sure they have some good stuff, right?) There's that Fireworks song. I'm sure we will get to see plenty of pyrotechnics during the show, and that should be pretty cool, right? But I just hope that the halftime show is good, but forgetful. Well done, but uneventful. Entertaining, but not headline stealing. The Super Bowl is about the game, not the controversy that happens when the players are taking an extended water break.
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