Insane Money Flow For Super Bowl Players

Mon Sep 14, 2020 19:14:16PM
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Baltimore Raven's Super Bowl Ring from the 2000 Season Championship. By: Au Kirk
How much money does the winning team of the Super Bowl take home for players? Well, looks like tit varies each year but each player of the winning side will take home an extra 97,000 dollars. While the opposing team players will get a guaranteed take home of 49,000. On top of that, both teams that played a few years ago (The Patriots and The Seahawks) earned 68,000 a piece for winning the Conference Championship game. This is of course on top of their normal rate of an already amazing amount. The money is well deserved for the feat accomplished, although I feel the distribution of money in this country is incredibly off balance.

As I said, a payoff would most definitely be in order to any team that can prove themselves against all others. I just think the millions and millions of dollars could be directed towards a number of things we desperately need in this country. A couple areas we could use this money is education and healthcare. That discussion is for another time though.

Even the players not on the game roster will get a significant chunk of extra cash just for being there. Do you think this stream of money, rather amount of money, is appropriate for what they are producing for the public?
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In the bigger scheme of things, yes, these guys make way too much money for their station in life. They play a game for a living. But the NFL isn't a charity. And aside from the way that stadium builds are partially funded by the city taxpayers, all the rest of the money these franchises make and pay out seems legitimate. Interesting that I hear the argument that these guys should possibly even make more money, considering how much the league makes off of them every single day.