FIFA World Cup: TV Schedule and Online Viewing Options

USA corner kick against Japan from 2011By: Allan Patrick

Twenty four teams are ready to fight for the championship at the FIFA Women's World Cup. Here's everything you need to know to make sure you don't miss any games.

For a tournament of this size, the location and time of matches are actually not too bad to follow. There are only a select few channels in the U.S. that will be airing the games, making it a bit easier to keep up with.

TV Viewing Options

  • Fox
  • Fox Sports 1
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Spanish Broadcast - Telemundo
  • Spanish Broadcast - NBC Universo

There are a few good sources for online streaming. I have ranked the following streaming locations in order from best (1), to one I would find more difficult to use (3). There are many options available out there as far as streaming, though most of which require a TV subscription of some sort (Time Warner/Comcast). These are my personal favorites and are the most trusted per the general streaming public:

Online Streaming Options

  • Fox Sports Go - Has great system already in place and working good.
  • BBC Sports - This one is a bit more difficult to operate the site, though good in quality.
  • ESPN Go - I have always liked ESPN's streaming app. It's easy to use and keeps up good quality.
  • Fox Sports Twitter account - This is not for full streaming, though they will be tweeting every goal.
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Of the streaming sites, I agree with that ranking. ESPN Go is quite limited.