Women's U.S. Soccer Team is Something Special

USA players watch the penalty shoot-out from 2011By: John

The Woman's U.S. soccer team currently sits in first place of group D. And after their 3-1 win against Australia, and a 0-0 tie against Sweden, they are in a pretty sweet spot. Firstly, in order for the team to continue on to win the group, one of several different scenarios needs to occur:

  • A win over Nigeria
  • A tie with Nigeria and an Australia-Sweden tie
  • A tie with Nigeria and a Sweden win over Australia by one goal
  • A loss to Nigeria by one goal and an Australia-Sweden tie

Not that any of these are an absolute necessity, but only in order to win the group stage. The team can go on to win second if:

  • A tie against Nigeria and if Australia wins against Sweden
  • A tie against Nigeria and if Sweden tops Australia by more than two goals
  • A tie against Nigeria and if Sweden wins over Australia by two goals, but Sweden has more "goals for" than the US
  • A loss to Nigeria by one goal and if Australia-Sweden doesn't end in a tie
  • A loss to Nigeria by two goals and if Australia and Sweden tie, and the US has more "goals for" than Australia

There is also the possibility that they go on to win third. Though I see this as highly unlikely. They are just playing too well and are mentally in a good place, and not to mention the superfans who are giving the team mounds of hope and drive. That is the most important ingredient in a winning recipe. Thousands of team USA supporters have invaded Vancouver, with even more expected to pour in soon.

“We’ll have our banners and our drums and we’ll be marching in significant numbers to the stadium (Tuesday) for the match. You won’t be able to miss us, I’ll tell you that,” said Dan Wiersema, spokesman for the American Outlaws, the U.S. Soccer supporters’ association.

Go team USA! We are all rooting for you.

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    2092 days ago
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    Yeah, too many scenarios for them to possibly lose out. I definitely see them winning Group D and advancing with ease. Question then becomes how far can they make it after? Semis for sure is my guess, with a great chance for the finals. This really is a special team that has the talent to make it all the way.
    Yea, I'm thinking the same thin. There are so many variables once you get out of the first round and move into the elimination rounds. One bad game and it's all over. They definitely have what it takes to win it all, but there's just too many things that can happen to make me put any money on it.