Gold Cup Is Looking Good For Team USA

Fri Jul 10, 2015 13:43:53PM
Soldier Field, Chicago Illinois during the semifinals of the Gold Cup 2009. USA v HondurasBy: Humberto

Just recently in the World Cup, Team USA went on to win the title after some very difficult matches. Though it's hard to underestimate a team that usually does so well to begin with. What will happen this year for the Men's Gold Cup? There is a tough line up for this year for all teams. The best source I have found for a complete, spoiler free schedule is Here. My hopes and winning predictions are most definitely with Team USA. I think they have an excellent roster and plenty of potential to give all other teams a strong run for their money. With a difficult win just a couple of weeks ago against Honduras, their next match should go a bit smoother. In theory.

Firstly, never under estimate Haiti. They are a strong team and perform well under the pressure of big games. They drew against the United States back in 09. Though did end up losing in the 92nd minute of the match, due to a goal by Stuart Holden. I remember watching that game covered in anxiety. Luckily (quite luckily, in my opinion) they pulled out a win.

Haiti's last game was a very tough one against Panama. I do not know of anyone who could of predicted that game to go the way it did. In the 85th minute of play, Panama got a little lazy and slacked on defense. Which led to an excellent run and score by Haiti’s Duckens Nazon. This is most definitely not going to be the case against the US team. Rumor is that Haiti is considering resting some of their key players for their must-win game against Honduras. That would be a little depressing for those athletes. Only being able to sit and watch your team, thinking what would of happened if you had been playing.

U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann, said Thursday evening to NOT underestimate Haiti. He had this to say:

“We talked the players through that already in training and we just had a team meeting about Haiti. It is a team full of individual quality. If you look at their roster and if you look at the places where they play, quite a lot of them play in Europe. I think Panama got that lesson and we have to make sure that we’re not getting caught on the wrong foot here. Obviously our expectation is to get through [to the quarterfinal] and we know that to go through the fastest way possible is with three points Friday night.”

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1-0 US win! Dempsey came through, and is playing great in this tournament.