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Sat Oct 06, 2018 12:19:31PM
The UFC Octagon.By: East718

Need info on how to watch any given UFC Fight? Look no further. All that info is neatly packaged for you below. Whether you are interested in how to purchase the latest Pay-Per-View UFC fight, how to figure out which bar and where is showing the fight nearest you, or simply the TV and online schedule and calender for any UFC fight (past or future)... all that info and more can be found below.

(Well, the tools to get the most current info anyways, still quite handy for a one-stop-shop blog, no?). Also, at the very bottom, I've included a few great resources to watch past fights for free, weighs in, etc. Enjoy!

PPV Info, UFC Bars Finder, and UFC Official TV Schedule and Calender ----

UFC Pay-Per-View Events portal. This is a great resource to order any UFC Fight package (or fight pass prelims). They have the most current upcoming fights ready for purchase. OR you can even order any event right now that dates back all the way to 2011!

UFC Bars Finder. These is an excellent online site/application that shows you all the bars in your area that are airing the lastest UFC Fight. Super handy. Includes bars info and location on a Google map, and you can refine your search based on bars and/or theaters as well.

UFC Official TV Schedule and Calender for any and all fights. Need to know when and where a fight is? Who is on the full card? If the fight is free on network tv, or strictly Pay-Per-View? Any and all that info can be found here, including dates, times, channels, and exactly when, how and where to buy tickets (if needed, as many fight nights are free of charge).

Free Video Watching Resources for UFC/MMA Fans ---

Watch any weigh in or free UFC TV event live. The day before the fight, once you know the schedule, use this link to watch any weigh-in live, or any other live event for pre or post fight hype. This will send you to the official UFC Tv page. Just under the main image, there will be a WATCH LIVE icon. Use the red links to watch.

UFC's Official Youtube Channel. Any hype video, previews, past or live weigh-ins, trash talk, interviews, free fights.. all that and more and be found for free here. The channel has hundreds of great vids. For any MMA fan, you can get lost for hours and hours.

UFC Free Video. This is UFC's free video archive. Gives you access to tons of interviews, Vblogs, and great behind the scenes type action.

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Bar finder app is really cool. Works well.