Tour de France - Online Streaming Options and Full TV Schedule

Tue Aug 25, 2020 17:55:50PM

Second stage of the 2015 Tour de France - the cyclists pass under the Dom Tower in UtrechBy: Luctor

The Tour de France is an enormous event to cover. A massive competition that includes 20+ days of cycling, thousands of miles biked, all played out on 21 different stages. So to navigate that craziness here's the TV channels airing every stage, plus options for watching online or on your mobile device.

The Tour de France will air live on either NBCSN or NBC, depending upon the stage and event. (All stages air on NBCSN except for Stage 8, which airs on NBC). NBCSN will also be airing a nightly highlight show called 'Tour Primetime Show' to recap the day's events.

Watch Online
If you want to watch the entire Tour de France online or on the go, NBC has what they call the Cycle Pass. It's $49.99/yr for a subscription. Not cheap, but could be worth it if you are a big cycling fan. Comes with tons of bonus coverage, and also includes access to road races throughout the year, as well as the ability to watch the UCI World Championships live.

Cord-Cutter Plans
Also consider SlingTV, HuluTV, YouTubeTV or FuboTV. All are monthly online cable subscription options, if you don't already have basic cable, ranging in price from $19.99/month to $39.99/month. All come with a free trial period, and include many or all of the basic cable channels (including NBC and NBCSN) with the ease of access for viewing on any computer, mobile device, smart TV or streaming device to a TV, that gets the NBCSN app.

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