Watch US Men's Soccer Matches - TV & Online Viewing Options

USMNT training in Brazil, 2014.By: IIJ Events

Here's a guide on everything related to watching the USMNT Soccer team. Below you'll find all the info you need to know to make sure you won't miss any US Soccer team games.

Men's US Soccer Tournament Schedules--

Several matches will be taking place over the next few years to gear up for the ultimate stage. And if you are looking for information on: all the upcoming tournament schedules and opponent matches, including dates, start times, TV channels, streaming options and more.. all that can be found just below.

USMNT Official Schedule. Here you can find all the latest official info on the US Men's Soccer tournaments, including current roster, schedule of matches, latest stories, and stats.

TV Schedule - Used to be ESPN.. But now FOX airs all.

ESPN used to be the home for US Men's Soccer. That is no longer the case though. To many a fan's surprise, FOX won the rights to air all US Soccer events on through the 2022 World Cup! So, when looking to watch US Soccer on TV, men or women matches alike, look no further than Fox's network of sporting channels for the foreseeable future. That includes Fox, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, and the mobile/online accompanying Fox Sports GO.

Fox Sports Current TV Schedule gives a full breakdown of any and all US Men's Soccer tournaments and matches airing. This includes box scores for completed matches, time zones, and which FOX channel will be airing upcoming events.

Online Streaming Options

FoxSportsGO is the online (or mobile) application to stream any soccer match live that airs on FOX Sports 1 or Fox Sports 2. Best part of this service, it's free as part of your paid TV subscription. All you have to do is login with your cable or satellite username and password, and you're set. The big catch, the matches are NOT On Demand. So be aware of that.

FOXSoccerMatchPass is the place to stream any and every soccer match (not just the US Men's games). The service will run you $19.99/month though. Or $139.99/year. You can cancel whenever you like however and it comes a 7-day trial. And they do give you On Demand games, which means full match replay. You can also watch on your PC or Mac, or any Apple or Android product as well.

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