NASCAR TV Guide, Streaming Options & Full Race Replays

Sat May 09, 2020 07:23:18AM
2005 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race at Las Vegas.

Provided in this entry is all the info you need to watch any NASCAR race - including dates, start times, which TV channel will air which race, as well as full race and highlight replay links.

To see a full list of all the channels airing every NASCAR race, along with all the cable package options that carry those channels, this guide should be your first option (scroll down on the page to see the full race schedule):

All NASCAR Races Watching Guide

And for those looking for the full lineup of current and upcoming NASCAR races - including dates, times, TV station info with live streaming and replay links, use this guide.

NASCAR Races - TV Schedule & Live Streaming

To compliment these two resources, more specific TV and streaming options are detailed below.

TV Viewing Options for all NASCAR Races:


Click on any of those station links to see a full list of options, including which races will be airing on those channels and cable provider plans that carry that particular channel.

To get access to all of these four channels you will need a cable provider of some kind, like Spectrum or Xfinity, a satellite provider such as DirecTV or Dish, or one of the popular cord cutting services like AT&T TV Now, Sling TV, YouTube TV or Fubo TV (to name a few).

Whichever route you go, try and aim for a plan that includes all these channels. This checkbox will help with that.

This info can also be useful if you already have a cable package and need to see what airs when and where, or perhaps if another provider entices you to make a switch, if your current plan is lacking in channel line up. Though note that FOX and NBC can be picked up for free with a digital antenna if you are in range of a good enough signal.

Online Options for all NASCAR Races:

FOX Sports GO. For all the races airing on FOX, use this link to stream them on your computer. Just need to login with cable credentials and you're good to go. FOX Sports GO is the same mobile app needed to stream on a tablet or smart phone as well. Just search in your app store. It's free of charge to download.

NBC Sports Live. Want to watch any race airing on NBC/NBCSN online instead? All you need to do is use this link, sign in with your cable or satellite user name and password, and you get instant access, free of charge.

NBC Mobile Apps. Want to watch on a mobile device, such as your phone or tablet? Same goes as above. Just download the app from that link for your Android/Apple device, sign in, and you're good. NASCAR to go. For free. (You can also find the app by searching in your mobile device's app store)

Full Race Replays & Highlight Videos

Want to watch ANY NASCAR race after the fact, free of charge and in its entirety? Well, for whatever reason, NASCAR and YouTube decided to make that a reality for you. I'm not sure their reasoning, but I'm also not complaining; pretty awesome of them ---

NASCAR Full Race Replays (and highlights, interviews and more). They have individual playlists for all the races in full, per year, starting for 2017.

Motorsports on NBC is another great option for highlights and interviews as well.

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